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Leominster Divorce and General Practice of Mediation

My goal is to help the parties involved achieve an amicable resolution which is satisfactory to all. I manage the mediation process as a neutral third party and provide a place for opposing parties to discuss issues in a neutral environment. Mediation can help you resolve issues outside of the court process, but still create a legal agreement that may be filed with the court.

Mediation Services At The Law Office Of Carolyn G. DePasquale

I provide services in which each party is granted the opportunity to have an equal say in the resolution of disputes. Agreements are written together and arrived at by mutual agreement of the parties, and therefore the parties are given greater opportunity to preserve their relationship. I mediate disputes in a variety of areas. I draft the agreements and provide direction with the preparation of documents and filing with the court, if necessary. I mediate issues in the following areas:

  • Divorce mediation
  • Landlord-tenant mediation
  • Business and consumer mediation
  • Neighborhood mediation
  • Family and other community mediation

Leominster-Area Divorce Mediation

Reaching agreements in a divorce proceeding is no simple task. However, it will be less costly and less contentious if you and your spouse can find common ground for amicable resolution of issues through mediation.

As a mediator, I do not provide legal advice to either party. Rather, I manage the mediation process and assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution which is satisfactory to both.

The divorce process is full of contentious issues, but almost invariably, you will have to continue some sort of relationship with your former spouse following divorce. Whether that relationship revolves around shared property or children, it often goes more smoothly when the relationship is still amicable.

All issues are on the table, and we will work through them. I will prepare the Separation Agreement according to your terms, but with guidance through the mediation process allowing you to forge fair agreements concerning children, property, and any other issues at hand. You will draft other necessary documents jointly and file for a court date that usually only takes a few minutes during which the judge will grant you a divorce and send you on your way.

Carolyn G. DePasquale: Fitchburg and Leominster-Area Mediator

Contact me today to discuss your unique situation with me or to schedule an appointment. I am available at 978-401-0662.

I have served as a mediator in Massachusetts since 1998, and I am the current President of the Board for Mediation Services of North Central Massachusetts, Inc. (MSI), which is a private, nonprofit organization that provides mediation services and training in cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General. MSI is supported by the Massachusetts Bar Foundation and the Massachusetts Trial Courts.


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