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Child Custody Lawyer

In many cases, both parents will do everything in their power to earn their children's love and affection. However, children's best interests are the primary concern of the court. Children require stability, and they thrive when they are provided support and encouragement to the best of their parents' abilities.

The court will consider several factors when determining custody of children through the divorce process and through other custody cases that may involve child abuse, dependency or neglect. I also handle grandparents' rights cases, in which grandparents pursue visitation rights with their grandchildren when their desire to see their grandchild(ren) is not allowed by one or both parents.

These are difficult and contentious cases, but I am very familiar with gathering the evidence necessary to vigorously advocate for my clients. I fight for the best interests of my clients, and I work to forge resolutions that are best for the long-term. It is possible to avoid trial in many situations, but it takes an experienced legal advocate.

Child Custody And Paternity Attorney Serving North Central Massachusetts And Surrounding Areas

I have been a mediator in Massachusetts since 1998. I have earned the respect of the courts, and I have a propensity for resolving family law issues efficiently and effectively.

How Do You Get The Custody Order You Want?

In part, it is up to you and your lawyer to convince the court that your interests most directly align with the child's best interests. The court's decision will always favor the child's best interests, which includes several factors such as the safety of the environment the child will be raised in, the opportunities the child will have, which parent the child desires to live with as well as other factors.

What Is The Difference Between Legal Custody And Physical Custody?

Legal custody gives a parent decision-making power over a child's academics, religion, medical care and other activities. Legal custody is often shared between parents, but it doesn't have to be. Physical custody determines where the child primarily resides. Time with the other parent is considered "visitation or parenting time."

How Do You Establish Paternity?

In some cases, establishing paternity is part of establishing custody. I assist clients who want to contest paternity either to gain custody rights or to deny paternity. Even in uncontested cases, it is wise to ensure that all legal rights and responsibilities are finalized in the eyes of the court. Paying child support doesn't automatically grant you custody rights. Custody and visitation rights are obtained through a separate legal process in the court, which I can guide you through.

You Need A Leominster Child Custody Attorney

Contact me to schedule a consultation. I handle dependency and neglect issues, parental alienation, parental relocation, adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights, modifications, contempts and more. Call my office at 978-401-0662 today .


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